Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Morning

We have been busy the past couple of weeks. The grapes we picked steamed into 15 quarts of juice.  It will make good jelly and possible a little wine.  It has been a good year for the garden.  Best cucumber crop we have ever grown.  We gave most to my sister-in-law to put up.  We have canned a few tomatoes and split the rest with her.
We are in the process of building a greenhouse.  We have re-purposed a lot of storm windows and other windows over the past few years, and are putting them to good use.  And of course some pallets.

Hope to get it enclosed this week.  A friend has some corrugated roofing he wants to get rid of.  We are going to build a solar heater and along with the windows hopefully will keep it warm through the winter.  We have back-up plans also for the heat if needed.

One of our hens went broody a couple of weeks ago, so we have her setting in a separate building.  Hopefully next week we have some "peepers" running around.  Last year the same hen hatched us 7 little ones.  The only problem was 5 were roosters.  Hope for better this year!

Coffee cup is empty.  Have a good one.  Keep "Old Glory" flying high and proud, or the Maple Leaf to our friends to the North.  God Bless--johnnyb

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