Monday, November 30, 2009


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, ate lots and was able to be with loved ones. I ate way too much bird and goodies, but then I always do. I can remember as a kid going to my Grandmother's house for Thanksgiving. There was always enough food for an army. Plenty of salads, deserts, and always at least two meats. But then any Sunday dinner at Grandma Hazel's was like that.
We had an enjoyable time this year. One Grandson will be leaving for the Air Force next summer, so he may not be around for next year. They are growing up too fast.
We have been working on the house every day that we can. No heat in the house yet, so we have to work around that. Talked to the propane man the other day, andd he said he would be delivering on that route during the early part of December. Then we can start the stove.
Carol has been priming on the days that are warm enough. We removed a window on the north side of the kitchen. From the outside there was a full window, but on the inside, half of the window had been covered with paneling! We just decided to remove it all together. We had to replace some of the siding anyway. We will put in a window on the west side. We have most of the floor joists put in the kitchen floor, so we are gaining on that.
The dogs are enjoying the trips to Traer. Dinka likes collecting treasures, like branches, sticks,etc. Annie just runs and hunts constantly.
Hope everyone has a good holiday season, and please keep Christ in Christmas. This is a time to be thankful for what we have. Don't be down and discouraged because of how tough times are. Giving doesn't necessarily mean gifts. Sometimes a handshake or a hug are as good as any gift you could buy.---johnnyb

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  1. The pictures are great. We, too have a window on the north side in the kitchen. Ours might stay, mostly for light!! We were on the road Thanksgiving but that was okay. We just aren't sure where to begin now!