Thursday, November 12, 2009

House update

We have dove a little deeper in our remodeling effort. Last weekend we decided to work on the roof above the kitchen area. Our plans were to just re-nail the tin roof down where it was loose and leaking into the kitchen. Figured it would be a good idea to fix the leak before starting on the new floor. When I got up on the roof, I discovered maybe it was more than just loose tin. By Sunday evening we had a complete new roof on that part of the house. Hasn't leaked yet, but then it hasn't rained yet either.
We got the ceiling repaired in the bedroom and the old carpet up. There was some loose plaster in the ceiling. Hopefully I have prevented anymore from falling. I don't know if I wrote this earlier,but there is a suspended ceiling throughout the house. Carol is in the process of papering, painting and staining them to look like old tin ceiling. They are looking real good.
Today I tore into the bathroom. Left the tub, and that was about all. Carol has got part of the north side and part of the front scraped and primed. Looks real nice.
Am including more pics. Also am adding some of the original ones that I deleted because of their size. Every day we get a little farther down the road.
Now I need to blow off a little steam about the events that occurred at Fort Hood last week. In my opinion if you are not for America, then you must be against it. We are American first and foremost. WE are not African-Americans, Swedish Americans, Mexican Americans, Polish Americans, Russian Americans, Irish Americans, Scottish Americans, or whatever Americans!
We are, by damned, AMERICANS !!!!!! I am not saying this to be racist. I am saying this because I am so tired of the politically correct B.S. If you are not proud enough to call yourself an American, then this is not the place for you! As far as I am concerned anybody that can call themselves a soldier of Allah and kills innocent people is a terrorist, regardless of what is politically correct.
It is what it is and that's that!--johnnyb


  1. Keep it up my friend. Looking Good. Yep, as usual, you are 100% correct. A damn Islamic Terriorist is what he is. Now wait until they start whinning about his Court Marshall. Why don't you know he won't be able to get a fair trail by military folks. They all caused him to get pissed off and shoot folks. Take my word, it will happen.

  2. Wow! I can't believe the changes already!! LOOKS great and can already see big improvements. You'll be done long before us. love you guys.