Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God's creation

When I stepped outside this morning the birds were singing their happy songs. I have to imagine that they are as happy as I am that spring is getting closer. It is a beautiful crisp morning. A little frost on the ground from the moisture we had yesterday. God does such a good job of making his creation look as good as it can even at this time of year. A couple of days ago our neighborhood cardinal was getting his voice warmed up for the upcoming mating ritual. I suppose the blue jays will be showing their faces soon. Trying to get their lions share of the bird seed.
Our iris are showing signs of growth. Seems a little early,but what do I know! Once again God is doing as He sees fit. We must always appreciate God and His creation, but not put the Creation above the Creator. As beautiful as nature is, the Creator is more beautiful. HE will provide. Sometimes in ways we may not understand!
Enough rambling for today. I got clear off the subject I had in mind when I started. Oh well! Such is life. I'll just change the title and another day.----jhb

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