Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Getting close to garden time again.  I have plants in the greenhouse.  Tomatoes, Cucumbers and squash.  Repotted tomatoes today.  The were getting a little leggy and starting  second set of leaves.  Cucumbers are doing great as are the squash. They will go outside in a few weeks.  Tomatoes are still quite a ways out.  Will be starting some herbs soon.  We also worked in our fruit garden.  We have raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, grapes and elderberries.  Raspberries, grapes and strawberries we have had for quite a few years.  The rest  were put out last year.  We were pruning and clearing out deadwood. The grapes have been good to us.  We have only one vine, but will get anywhere from 50-80 quarts of juice from it each year.  There are a lot of wild chokecherry bushes and wild plums in the area so those are always a possibility.  They make very good jelly.

I hope everybody is doing ok in this time of crisis.  Later.  God Bless--johnnyb

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